NABARD Grade ‘A’ Examination 2018- Economic And Social Issues Study Notes

With the NABARD Preliminary Examination 2018 scheduled to take place on 19th May 2018 its time to apply finishing touches to your preparation. An important section carrying a weightage of 40 Marks from 40 Questions is the Economic & Social Issues (with focus on Rural India) section. To ensure that you score well in this section we bring to you the Study Notes on Economic & Social Issues.
Although attempting every section is important in the exam, yet, there are some sections which can make you score very high in really less time. In NABARD Examination, the Economic & Social Issues is one of them and for that, this Study Notes will not only help you understand the terminologies associated with the section as well as the ongoing happenings.
Key Features of the Study Notes:
✔Understand Basics of Indian Economy, associated terms such as Inflation, Labour Policies etc. Awareness regarding various social issues and following poverty alleviation & employment generation programmes.
✔You can read even when you are offline after downloading the Study Notes once in your app. Hence, you can study even if you are in no network zone or traveling somewhere.
✔Presentation in a very interesting way.



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