The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 14-03-2020

The Hindu 300X300

1. MONSTROUS (ADJECTIVE): (विकट/राक्षसी): shockingly devilish 
Synonyms: atrocious, heinous
Antonyms: moral, sensible
Example Sentence: 
It is monstrous how badly he is treated.
2. REVERENT (ADJECTIVE): (श्रद्धालु): showing great respect. 
Synonyms: reverential, appreciative
Antonyms: impolite, rude
Example Sentence: 
A reverent silence followed the professor’s lecture.
3. QUINTESSENTIAL (ADJECTIVE): (सारमय): representing the perfect example of a class or quality. 
Synonyms: classic, ideal
Antonyms: atypical, unique
Example Sentence: 
Everybody thinks of him as the quintessential New Yorker.
4. PREREQUISITE (ADJECTIVE): (शर्त): required or necessary as a prior condition 
Synonyms: mandatory, expedient
Antonyms: inessential, voluntary
Example Sentence: 
Young children can be taught the prerequisite skills necessary for reading.
5. MORPH (VERB): (रूप बदलना): to change into 
Synonyms: transform, contort
Antonyms: sustain, stagnate
Example Sentence: 
Cinematic special effects morphed the villain into a snake.
6. STAGGER (VERB): (अचंभे में डालना): amaze 
Synonyms: astonish, dumbfound
Antonyms: calm, enlighten
Example Sentence: 
He has staggered audiences around the world with his magic tricks.
7. ENVISION (VERB): (कल्पना करना): imagine 
Synonyms: visualize, contemplate
Antonyms: disregard, neglect
Example Sentence: 
I couldn’t envision myself as anything else.
8. IMPEDE (VERB): (अड़चन डालना): to delay 
Synonyms: brake, disrupt
Antonyms: permit, soothe
Example Sentence: 
These people can impede performance.
9. CANTANKEROUS (ADJECTIVE): (कलहप्रिय): bad tempered 
Synonyms: captious, choleric
Antonyms: pleasant, cheerful
Example Sentence: 
He is little larger and cantankerous.
10. YIELD (VERB): (उत्पन्न करना): produce 
Synonyms: earn, generate
Antonyms: deny, refuse
Example Sentence: 
The apple trees yielded an abundant harvest.

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